Removal Relocation

You need to move your personal effects and household goods to the news location, what must be packed? Which transportation route is the most favourable? And the price? And the security, insurance, customs clearance and a lot more – that are the questions, but Danko will assist you to solve the problems. Danko will take full and complete responsibility for the immenusely important task of moving your personal effects and household goods to a new home-wherever the destination. Every step of your move will be planned to meet your wishes and no request is ever too much trouble.

Our Removal Relocation Services include:

– Free surveying.
– Packing and crating consultancy.
– Transportation consultancy.
– Packing & transportation planning.
– Packing & crating.
– Documentation.
– Warehousing and trucking.
– Customs clearance.
– Air and sea freight Insurance.

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